Visits with detainees are done through Securus Video Visiting by remote or on-site, the visitor(s) may choose which method to use. You must register your visit 24hrs. in advance. On-site visits are free of charge and may take place from 8am to 4pm every Thursday and Saturday. Remote visits may take place 7 days per week and are subject to fees, visitors can register to visit at Adults must present a Government issued photo ID and be dressed appropriately. No short skirts, revealing tops, exposed undergarments or gang clothing will be allowed. Please leave all possessions in your vehicle except your ID. All visitors are subject to search and background check. All wanted individuals will be arrested. Violation of these rules may be grounds for termination or denial of a visit.


Detainees may receive mail at the above address. Be sure to include the Detainee's name. Detainees may also send mail using envelopes and paper purchased or otherwise provided by this facility. No nude pictures are allowed. Incoming and outgoing mail is subject to search.

Phone Calls

Detainees have access to phones within their pod from 7 a.m. - 11 p.m. daily with the exception of disciplinary issues. They may make collect calls or if they have money on their account they may purchase time on the phone. Staff will not pass phone messages to Detainees


In addition to phone calls. Detainees may take advantage of the email system on the kiosk located within each pod. They may send up to 9 emails per day the cost of which is covered by funds on their commissary account.

Posting Bail/Bond

Friends and family may post bail/bond with credit or debit card by coming to the facility, or by phone. By phone, call 1-800-352-9870. These transactions may be done 24/7.

    •  To pay fines to the Woodford County Circuit Clerk use Code 168302
  • To post bail/bond use Code 1699

Adding Funds to a Commissary Account

Funds may added to a detainee's Commissary account by using the blue kiosk in our lobby or by logging on to or you may download the app on your smartphone.

Automatic Notification of Detainee Release

Victims, family and friends may log onto and register to be notified when a Detainee has been released from our facility or any facility in the state. You may also check the next court date and time for an individual in custody.

Inmates in our facility now

If you want to know who is in our facility at this time please click on the following link: