Woodford County Government

Woodford County Board

The Woodford County Board consists of 15 democratically elected members, five from three districts, who must be voted into office every four years. The board members serve as representatives to their Woodford County districts. A Chairman is elected every two years from within the body.  

Woodford County operates under the township form of county government. As the legislative element, the County Board is responsible for adopting all Ordinances for the governance of Woodford County; establishing budget for several funds as well as levying taxes, promulgating policies, rules and regulations for the management of County operations.

The County Board has five (5) standing committees, which meet regularly once each month. Committee appointments are made by the Chairman, with the concurrence of the County Board. These committee, their members, and respective chairpersons are detailed below.  The Woodford County Board meets regularly at 6:30 p.m. the third Tuesday of each month at the Woodford County Government Building.

Chairman of the Board: Shannon Rocke


Finance and Economic Development
    Krug(Chairman), Hinrichsen, Huser, Kingdon and Jording

Road and Bridge
    Logan (Chairman), Delaney, Krug, Karr, Martin

Public Safety
   Karr(Chairman), Martin, Backer, Cremeens and Kingdon

County Offices
   Pille (Chairman), Rokey, Delaney, Cremeens, and Hinrichsen


Conservation, Planning & Zoning
    Huser (Chairman), Rokey, Kingdon, Pinaire and Jording