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Tel. (309) 467-4621
Fax (309) 467-4728
Email: treasurer@woodford-county.org

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The County Treasurer serves as both Treasurer and Collector. The Treasurer is responsible for the record keeping, depositing and investing all of the funds for Woodford County. The Collector is responsible for billing, collecting, investing and distributing property taxes and Mobile Home Taxes.

County Treasurers are cash managers. Our investment objectives are safety, liquidity and yield in that order. Our money is invested in most of the County Banks and with the Illinois Funds. Much of the revenue from the State is same day directly deposited to our account.

Inheritance taxes are paid to the Treasurer and forwarded to the State Treasurer monthly. Monies received monthly from the State include Retailer Occupation Taxes, Public Safety Retailers Occupation Taxes, Salary reimbursements, Personal Property Replacement Taxes and Motor Fuel Taxes.

Each month the Treasurer reports to the County board the amount of money received and disbursed during the previous month. All of the money is in interest bearing accounts.

The Collector prepares and sends out about 24,000 Real Estate Tax bills annually and collects over $59 million dollars. Those funds are distributed to more than 176 taxing districts in the County. The bills are usually mailed in May and the first installment is due 30 days later. The second installment is due in September. Only one bill is mailed with a coupon for each payment. The annual tax sale is held in late October each year. Mobile Home bills are mailed in March and due 60 days after the mailing date.

The records of taxes from years past are available to the public for researching historical tax data.

The Treasurer along with the Public Safety Committee handles the Animal Control duties. The data base for dogs within the County, their vaccination and registration dates are maintained in the Treasurer’s office. Notices are generated and sent for reminders of vaccination and tag due dates.