Well & Septic Information

Seasonal Weight Limits

The sewage disposal and drinking water programs work together to protect the drinking water supplies for residents outside city water treatment areas and to prevent pollution by overseeing standards for proper on-site sewage disposal. Services include: permitting and inspection of all newly constructed or renovated wells and sewage disposal systems; inspection of well and sewage systems during real estate transactions; interpret and report water sample results; oversee safe drinking water systems for all non-community well from which more than 25 persons are served; investigation and resolution of complaints; and provide educational materials/presentations upon request.

Goals of Our Well/Septic Program

  • Ensure safe, potable (drinkable) water by protecting our water sources from contamination.
  • Prevent disease and nuisances by eliminating improperly treated sewage.
    The Woodford County Health Department is responsible for the enforcement of regulations governing the installation of private well and sewage systems in Woodford County. Environmental staff provide the following services in an effort to support these goals:
    • Ensure proper sealing of abandoned wells
    • Inspect new or repaired private septic systems
    • Inspect new or repaired water well systems
    • Inspect/License Sewage Pumpers and License Sewage Contractors
    • Investigate complaints
    • Review plans and issue permits for private septic systems
    • Review plans and issue permits for private wells
    • Review subdivision plans/plats for well/septic development
    • Sample and monitor non-community water supply systems
    • Sample private and semi-private water wells
Environmental staff are trained to assess, resolve and communicate environmental risks to the public. They are available to assist in the planning process and can also direct you to other resources as appropriate.

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