Criminal Division

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All criminal work and related activities such as fines, costs, and restitution collection is conducted with the criminal division.  The case types housed in the criminal division are:

  • Criminal Contempt (CC)
  • Criminal Felony (CF)
  • Criminal Misdemeanor (CM)
  • Civil Law (CL)
  • Conservation (CV)
  • DUI (DT)
  • Domestic Violence (DV)
  • Major Traffic (MT)
  • Traffic (TR) 
  • Quasi-Criminal (QC)
  1. Criminal Division

    Physical Address
    115 N. Main St
    Suite 201
    Eureka, IL 61530

    Mailing Address
    P. O. Box 284
    Eureka, IL 61530

    Fax: 309-467-7377

Payment Information

Personal checks ARE NOT accepted

We accept Credit/Debit Card, cash, cashier’s check, or money order.  

For payment through a cashier’s check or money order mail to:

Woodford County Circuit Clerk

P.O. Box 284

Eureka, Illinois 61530