Instructions for E-filing

Why E-file?

Please upload each one of your lead documents as one filing.  Do not use the attachment option UNLESS your file is larger than the document size limits.  Please do not use the attachment option for exhibits to your pleading or supporting documentation to your pleadings.  The attachment option should ONLY be used if your file is larger than the document size limits to break your filing up into increments.  Please see step 8 page 3.       

AVAILABLE RESOURCES                                                                    (standardized approved forms) simplified PDF forms and instructions in many areas of the law.                                                        live chat with attorney available, search engine for inquires, free legal information and referral to free and low-cost attorneys (fee waiver available on both websites)     

Prairie State Legal Services         (309)827-5021       

Illinois Lawyer Find Referral Service (sponsored by the Illinois State Bar Association)        1-800-922-8757 (referral to an attorney for no more than $24 for a for 30 minute consultation.                                                                       

Woodford County Circuit Clerk     (309)467-3312  (please call our office if you need to obtain hearing time)  E-filing Information for Civil Filings Only at this time                             

Odyssey eFileIL website           

Odyssey eFileIL help line     1-800-297-5377                                               

i2File (Alternative E-Filing website)                        

i2File's Filer Support                                            

Computers with internet access for free are available at most public libraries as well as in the Woodford County Circuit Clerk's Office.