EAV Assessment

Current 2021 EAV of taxing district:

The number represents your final 2020 EAV for tax extension (net taxable EAV), plus new construction, plus or minus 2021 assessor changes or revaluations, the updating of farmland values for 2021 , and the extension of township equalization factors. This figure is still subject to any changes made by the Board of Review for 2021. You may normally expect an overall reduction for that anticipated change. The 2020 exemptions have been updated for 2021. However, these exemptions are also subject to further changes which may be made in the remaining months of the year by the State Legislature or late sign-ups for the exemptions. If your taxing district reaches beyond Woodford County, this figure does not include assessments from other counties. This figure does not include 2021 changes in Enterprise Zone, or TIF districts, unless specifically noted. If you need additional information as to Enterprise Zone and TIF expirations or creations in your district for 2021 payable 2022, you may contact Dawn Kupfer, the County Clerk. Her phone number is 309/467-2822. For estimation purposes, and subject to the above adjustments this is a snapshot of your net taxable assessment for 2021 payable 2022. This same snapshot will be used from last year, and in future years, so that you may track your budget and levy estimation processes. If you have any questions regarding values, please send all requests to assessor@woodford-county.org

2021 Estimated EAV Report by Taxing District is av

The following information is to allow taxing districts to look at individual parcels for changes. Please see attached instructions and maps to access information from the Woodford County Website