How can West Nile Virus infection be prevented?
Elimination of breeding sites:
-Change the water in bird baths and toddler pools weekly
-Cover hot tubs, boats, canoes when not in use
-Get rid of old tires
-Maintain swimming pools
-Municipalities should consider applying larvicides in storm sewers in areas active with West Nile Virus
-Put goldfish or bubblers in ornamental ponds
-Store buckets, pet bowls, any containers, inside

Protect self and others from bites:
-Alert health authorities to potential breeding sites in your area
-Apply insect repellents containing Deet to clothing and skin, follow label directions
-Avoid activities in areas where mosquitoes are present
-Maintain window and door screens in your home
-Report dead birds to the Health Department
-Wear long-sleeved shirt and pants when outdoors

Please call 309-467-3064 for more information.

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