Winter Weather Preparedness Kits

As the temperature begins to drop and the winter coats come out, the Woodford County Health Department encourages community members to be proactive in creating winter preparedness kits for their homes and cars. Experts are predicting a long, cold winter with plenty of snowfall throughout central Illinois this year.  Make sure that you get the jump on the nasty weather by investing in an emergency kit.

Winter storms often cause power outages that can last for multiple days, and reduce visibility to make roads slick and unsafe to travel on.  Making plans before a storm hits can help mitigate the effects of a winter storm and keep you and your family safe.

Gathering together a few common household items and storing them in your car can make all the difference if you find yourself stranded in the middle of a winter storm. Some basic items include: water, energy bars, blankets, first aid kit, extra hats/gloves/socks, and jumper/booster cables.  

For a full list of items that should be included in a winter preparedness kit please visit FEMA’s Winter Weather Site to learn more, at