If you would like to file a complaint regarding a suspected public health nuisance, please contact our agency during regular business hours. We can assist with complaints regarding:

  • food establishments 
  • health issues possibly related to a foodborne illness
  • septic issues
  • standing water  
  • well issues
  • dead birds
  • rabies (bats or other animals)

You will be required to leave a name and phone number for any follow-up needed regarding the complaint. The information you provide will be kept confidential.  Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

Foodborne Illness

If you suspect that you or a family member have a foodborne illness, seek medical attention. Contact the Health Department during regular business hours. Staff will ask about a 3-day food history for the affected person and conduct any follow-up necessary.


Bat/Animal Rabies Testing

The Health Department can submit bats or other animals for laboratory testing for rabies. There is a fee for submitting the animal to pay for testing and shipping charges.

If you have a bat in your living quarters and there may be human or pet exposure to the bat, please seek medical advice immediately. During regular business hours please contact our department regarding information on how to submit bat for rabies testing. The bat (or other animal) should be double-bagged and placed in a refrigerated location until it is able to be brought to the Health Department. NO LIVE ANIMALS will be accepted.

West Nile Virus Testing

During the time period from May 15 to October 15, the Health Department collects and submits birds for West Nile Virus testing. Crows, blue jays and other perching birds (such as cardinals, cowbirds, finch, grackle, house sparrow, mourning dove, pigeon, robins or starlings) can be submitted for testing. These birds should be believed dead less than 48 hours and have no obvious sign of death, such as birds found crushed on a roadway. Decomposed animals (strong odor, eyes deflated or dried, bloated, or maggots present) are not eligible for submission. Birds should be double-bagged and kept refrigerated until they can be collected by Health Department staff or dropped off at the Health Department. Contact the Health Department during regular business hours if you have a bird to be submitted or questions about West Nile Virus testing.