Radon Test Kit Information

Woodford County Health Department encourages residents to check the radon levels of their homes during the winter season. The best time to check for radon is during cool weather when windows and doors of homes are kept closed.

Test kits are available through the Health Department for $15. The cost includes laboratory analysis. Test kits are also available from area hardware stores. Radon brochures are available at the Health Department.

Radon Test Kit instruction video (link)
Radon Test Kit Paper Disc instruction video (link)

Radon Risk

Studies have confirmed that some people are exposed to radon in their homes, which puts them at risk for lung cancer. Radon, an odorless and colorless gas naturally found in rock and soil, seeps into homes from the soil through cracks in the basement floor and foundation, crawl spaces, poorly sealed sump pumps, floor drains, and porous cinder block walls. Although radon gas is measurable everywhere, the highest readings are normally found in the basement of homes, because it is the closest room to the soil.

Action Level

The Environmental Protection Agency has established 4 picocuries per liter of air as an "action level" at which consideration should be given to reducing indoor radon levels. If radon is found in your home, it is best to hire a licensed mitigation professional to fix the areas where the gas is seeping in. Radon mitigation services can be found in the phone book.

Radon Reduction Methods

A variety of methods can be used to reduce radon levels in the home. Cracks in the floors and walls can be sealed, and pipes and fans can be installed. State radon offices can offer more information on correcting this problem. The EPA website also provides information on radon and how to lower radon levels in homes. For more information, please contact Eric Lane at 309-467-3064.