Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing

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STI Testing Fees

Fees are charged for clinic services before the services are provided. The clinic accepts cash or check payments. Testing is $31.

The following services are available through the STI clinic.

  • Gonorrhea Testing (Urine Test)
  • Chlamydia Testing (Urine Test)
  • HIV Testing (Blood Draw)
  • Syphilis Testing (Blood Draw)

Appointments are required. Please call 309-467-3064 to schedule an appointment.

Go Bag Testing 

Brown bag, urine-based STI test kits are for gonorrhea and chlamydia only. Brown bags test kits are available at the Woodford County Health Department for $31. No appointments are necessary.

This option is quick, confidential and perfect for clients who need to be in and out of the clinic quickly. For information on brown bags available at the health department, see the clinic's front desk staff.

Safe sex supplies are available at the Health Department.

  1. Emily Kelly, RN

    Director of Nursing

  2. Health Department

    Physical Address
    1831 S Main Street
    Eureka, IL 61530